Vanderbilt University

Ph.D., Department of Philosophy, defense date: April 2019
Dissertation Title: The Epistemic Significance of Rape Victim Testimony

University of Notre Dame

M.A., Department of Philosophy, 2014

Texas A&M University

M.A., Department of Philosophy, 2012
Thesis Title: “A True Mode of Union: Reconsidering the Cartesian Human Being”

Princeton Theological Seminary

M.Div., 2009

Augustana University

B.A., Philosophy, Religion; Classical Studies (minor), 2006
Thesis Title: “The Gospel of John: An Investigation of φως through the Lens of Greek Literature”



* = unsolicited invitations

Belief: A Precursor for Change*

Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Global Summit

April 4-7 2018 Washingtion, D.C. 

Is There a 'Rational' Punishment for My Rapist?*

Me, too: A Town Hall about Women, Men, and What to Do Now

October 30 2017 New York, NY

Trauma, Transformation, and the Rationality of Desire

34th International Social Philosophy Conference - North American Society for Social Philosophy

July 13-15 2017 Chicago, IL

Traumatic Memory: A Challenge to Normative Epistemology

Issues in Philosophy of Memory

July 10-13 2017 Cologne, Germany

On Believing Rape Victims

History, Memory, and Justice

March 24-25 2017 Fort Myers, FL

Trauma, Transformation, and the Rationality of Desire*

APA Central Division Meeting - U.S. Midwest Society for Women in Philosophy Session

March 1-4 2017 Kansas City, MO

Agape and the Limits of Mutuality

Tennessee Philosophical Association Annual Conference

November 4-5 2016 Nashville, TN

Trauma, Transformation, and the Rationality of Desire

U.S. Midwest Society for Women in Philosophy 2016 Conference

October 7-9 2016 Danville, KY

Sexual Assault, Social Media, and the Rise of Epistemic Trauma*

WGS Graduate Student Colloquium Series

March 1 2016 Nashville, TN 

Imaginative Resistance Expanded

Ways of Knowing: Feminist Philosophy of Science and  Epistemology

November 27-28 2015 Dublin, Ireland

Imagining a Better Profession: Imaginative Resistance and Philosophy's Gender Climate

Exploring Collaborative Contestations and Diversifying Philosophy 

May 28-30 2015 Villanova, PA

The Problem of Universals in Descartes’ Dualism

South Central Seminar in the History of Early Modern Philosophy

September 27-28 2013 College Station, TX

 A True Mode of Union: Reconciling Real Distinction and True Union in  the Cartesian Human Being

APA Central Division Meeting

February 20-23 2013 New Orleans, LA  

Invited Participant*

Leibniz's Theodicy: Reception and Relevance

October 25-27 2012 Lisbon, Portugal

Real Distinction and True Union in Descartes’ Human Being

Texas A&M's Graduate Colloquia Series

November 10 2011 College Station, TX


* = unsolicited invitations

On Amy L. McKiernan's "Blame as a Technique of Control: A Response to Miranda Fricker"

Tennessee Philosophical Association

November 4-5 2016 Nashville, TN

On Michael Allan’s Civil Disobedience in Global Perspective* 

Tennessee Philosophical  Association, Author Meets Critics

October 30-31 Nashville, TN

On Eric Kraemer’s “Theism, Science and Evil,”*

Central States Philosophical Association  

October 10-11 2014 Evanston, IL

On Charles Cardwell’s “Reflections Concerning Appeal to Authority”

Tennessee  Philosophical Association

October 24-25 2014 Nashville, TN  

On Lauren Woomer’s “Paving the Way for a Unified Account of Ignorance”

5th Annual  Northwestern/Notre Dame Epistemology Conference

April 25-26 2014 Evanston, IL

On Michael Istvan’s “Spinoza’s Realist Analysis of Substances Having Attributes”

APA  Pacific Division Meeting

April 16-20 2014 San Diego, CA


public philosophy

Is There a 'Rational' Punishment for My Rapist?


The Possibility of Epistemic Peers and Uncovering Epistemic Asymmetry: A Response to Jonathan Matheson*


An interview on Trauma, Transformation, and the Rationality of Desire"