“Professor Carlson is without a doubt one of the best professors I have ever had. She challenged us to think for ourselves in ways I had never thought of. She struck an excellent balance between difficulty and actually allowing us to learn the material. Her ability to parse down complicated definitions and ideas into everyday language was astounding. Overall, she made the class very entertaining. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a professor who loves the material, loves their students, and loves teaching.”

“Professor Carlson is absolutely amazing! I loved every moment of her class, and I actually looked forward to going every Tuesday and Thursday from 6-7:30. And that means a lot. I learned so much from her, and I was constantly challenged to think more deeply about everything. The concepts that we discussed were very applicable to daily life, and we took the time during class to talk about how they apply. This class definitely changed the way I think about things, and even the way that I think about thinking. Professor Carlson is one of the best professors I've ever had, and I wish that she were staying at Vanderbilt so that I could take a class with her every other semester that I'm here."

“Amber was great! I loved how she set up the class and she asked really thoughtful questions during discussions. I also appreciate how inclusive she was during the whole class by acknowledging biases and ism’s and generalized statements that could exclude some groups of people.”

“We had the most amazing conversations, which really allowed us to dig into the material and understand it, while also critiquing it and thinking about these topics for themselves. Professor Carlson was very good at guiding these discussions, so that we were getting a lot out of them without being pushed to believe any particular sides."

“In class, Amber balanced giving her input and encouraging students to participate during discussions. She was sensitive to all viewpoints and created a safe but challenging space for discussion to occur. She cared about students she only had for one semester. She encouraged us to explore what interests us most from the view of philosophy, which I appreciated because I took this course as an AXLE requirement.”

“Professor Carlson is great! She always made herself available outside of class, listened intently to everyone’s thoughts during class, and overall helped me to become a better writer. “The topic and texts for this class were interesting and well-chosen! I feel that I have a general understanding of philosophy and the contemporary ways it is applied after taking this course.”