Amber is a PhD candidate in philosophy at Vanderbilt University who specializes in SOCIAL EPISTEMOLOGY, FEMINIST PHILOSOPHY, and TRAUMA THEORY.

 Holding graduate degrees from Princeton Theological Seminary (M.Div), Texas A&M (M.A., philosophy), and the University of Notre Dame (M.A., philosophy), Amber supplements her specializations with a broad philosophical background. Her areas of concentration include philosophy of religion, ethics, and the history of philosophy, especially Ancient, Medieval, and Early Modern eras. 

In addition to her research, Amber works for women's rights as a writer and advocate, with a specific focus on sexual assault.


Public Philosophy

Is There a 'Rational' Punishment for My Rapist?

Online at The New York Times

The Possibility of Epistemic Peers and Uncovering Epistemic Asymmetry: A Response to Jonathan Matheson

Online at Syndicate Philosophy

In print: forthcoming



An interview on “Trauma, Transformation, and the Rationality of Desire"

Online at the Blog for the American Philosophical Association